Pointing at the Earth


Exposition « Stanislas Urbi et Orbi » - Galeries Poirel – Nancy / France


From April, 15th to June,12th, « Stanislas Urbi et Orbi » will show an itinerary through 7 thematic rooms, among which « Pointing at the Earth » : how to make visible the geodesic line (with 16 TV sets and a videoprojector), thanks to videotapes coming from 16 countries all over the world.

The idea of « Pointing at the Earth » came from thoughts around the etymology of « geodesy », from « Gê » = earth and « dais » = what is shared.


You ‘ve got a digital camera

You live near the geodesic line

You like our project

Send us a short video !!!


Dead line : February 28th, 2005


We will pay you back the price of tape and its shipping

You will be given two copies of the exhibition catalogue

Video will be signed with your name and will both take place in catalogue and exhibition.


Shipping address :


Stanislas Urbi et Orbi

35 rue Durival / 54000 Nancy / France


phone : 00/33/6 21 46 20 69

email : stanislasurbietorbi@wanadoo.fr


Don’t forget to mention on the tape your name, address, place and date of the shooting





Recommended equipment: 


- a compass !

- a digital camera type mini DV  (any other format may be thought of)


- Cam in a horizontal position on a tripod, 1.5 m high (it may be a car roof)

- Fixed shot, 30 minutes long

- Cam focussed to infinity

- Zoom in wide shot - landscape view – open wide


- Lens to the north-west (azimuth 325°49’) for every country,


- except Canada and USA : in this case, lens to south-west, azimuth 214°15


- The location for shooting must be chosen near the geodesic line ( see enclosed map), in a place you have chosen, showing the beauty of the world and typical of your country.

- You, or the person of your choice, are  asked to cross the scenery, once from left to right, at a distance of about 15 metres from the lens (enclosed sketch) and after a minimum 5 minutes' shooting,


Several 30 minutes' shots can be considered, according to the diversity of the landscapes and the commitment of each one.



Warm thanks for you help !


      - Shooting sketch / Every country except Canada and USA

      - Shooting sketch / Canada and USA

      - Have a look on the geodesic line (maps