How to participate ?

To create " The soil of the Earth ", I need your participation.

This project only makes sense, if, every motivated Internet visitor sends me a sample of soil.

This soil, which tells of your roots, your history, your pains and your joys. This soil which has seen you being born and which will carry you later in its belly. This soil that tells of your wondrous travels. It is these soils I am interested in. That which I am asking you to send me.

la terre du monde, © daniel denise 2000

To send it to me, put it in a box.

This box will be rigid (wood, plastic, metal ), you can paint on it, write on it, draw on it, or leave it in its original state, according to your mood.

Each box will have a reference, will have a picture taken of it, located on a planisphere and later be presented on this website.

On D-day, all these boxes will be opened and the soils will be mixed up and stirred.
This operation will be filmed on a video and put at your disposal on the Webster.

A sample of each soil will join a " Soil Library " created especially for this purpose.

" The soil of the Earth ", will later be sent to the " L’ile de la Reunion (the Reunion island, there are some names that truly fit the context) in order to get back to its volcano " le Piton de la Fournaise ".

                 photo Katia et Maurice Krafft la terre du monde
             Photo Katia et Maurice Krafft

During one of its future eruptions (very frequent), " The soil of the Earth " will be thrown into the volcano's heart to be melted with basalt's, giving birth to new ground, belonging to itself, free, captivating, without master, rebel ground, dominator, a land without conquests, lonesome, unconquerable, a virgin soil which man can not claim, argued or evangelised.
This operation will also be filmed on video.

This work will lead to an exhibition ( date not yet defined ) gathering your boxes, a planisphere locating you, a soil Library, as well as the tape " the soil of the Earth ".
Every person participating in the project will receive a personal souvenir from " the soil of the Earth ".

Dear Internet visitor, thank you for sending me your boxes to the following address:

"La Terre du Monde"
13 rue Jean Baptiste Thierry Solet
54000 NANCY

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