Who am I ?

My name is Daniel DENISE, I was "seller of potatoes" for fifteen years in the central market square in Nancy (54000 - FRANCE)


At the same time I've followed what are called art classes at the school of " Fine Art " in Nancy. My fine diploma obtained in 1987 put in a safe and buried in a secret place... but at any moment I can show it in a resume, because it would look nice and smart.

In 1996, under the cover of my association " ALOO MATTA, I organised an exhibition " The eyes of the Earth " which made the link between my professional life and my artistic concerns. The latter has gathered 30 artists working on the theme of the potato.

               LES YEUX DE LA TERRE

In 1998, "ALOO MATTA " produced the first CD of Jean-Luc PARANT " Partir ", in coproduction with CCAM. Jean-Luc PARANT is the Man with balls and texts over his eyes.

              Jean Luc PARANT, " Partir "

My work currently involves photographic " self-portraits " and installations.

                  "le trône du roi du monde" - 1998
Who am I ?

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